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The Breaking Chains Initiative Logo

In their words, "The mission of Breaking Chains Initiative is to provide a pro-life alternative to pregnant women in crisis by offering housing, resources, and education. We also provide a place for women and children in crisis to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We view every life as precious, valuable, and worth fighting for and firmly believe that any individual can triumph over any trauma and obstacle in life."

BCI was created by Kara Wiggins, a woman I had the pleasure of meeting when she spoke at the 2019 Rehumanize Conference in New Orleans. I admire Kara's fiery passion for helping others, and so I was pleased as punch when she asked me to help her by creating this logo. She showed me the existing logo for the project:

and asked that I try to include some of the same imagery in the new branding.

I focused on including the hands and the chain, and eventually I found a way to incorporate the heart as well. Here you can see my initial sketch for the design:

From there, I vectorized the hands, and I toyed with the idea of a vertical shape. Apologies for the atrocious screen photos —

Finally, I found a design that incorporated all the imagery from the original logo in a cohesive way. I chose a typeface with a lot of personality to match the project's founder — and a rust and gold color scheme that makes it warm, inviting, and loving. Overall, it's a clean design that is professional and trustworthy without being boring:

I'm thrilled to say that Kara loved the design. I can't wait to see this project grow and flourish!


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