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Design Submission to the Pro-Life Flag Project

The Pro-Life Flag Project was a grassroots initiative designed to facilitate the creation of a universally recognized symbol for the pro-life movement—a symbol that would unify, brand, and raise awareness for the end-goal it represents: ending abortion. Through a public design contest and a movement-wide vote, The Pro-Life Flag Project aimed to give all pro-lifers a voice in creating and choosing the flag to represent the pro-life movement.

Though my design did not win the contest, I would still like to share it along with the inspiration behind the image.

The Pro-life Movement: cultivating hope in the darkness. With this design, I hoped to convey both the beauty and tragedy of the pro-life cause. White roses are symbols of purity and nonviolence; however, they can also be associated with death, and in many cultures they are given at funerals. I found this to be a fitting duality for a movement that saves lives while mourning the loss of millions. This blooming white rose represents the mother in crisis, torn between life and death. The rosebud represents her growing child. Our movement strives to make sure both of these beautiful lives are allowed to flourish. I chose a deep navy blue for the backdrop to symbolize unity within our movement and a lighter blue for the spotlight to represent the Ola Celeste ("Light Blue Wave").


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