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#RehumanizeRewind T-Shirts

Rehumanize International celebrated its 10th anniversary as an organization on August 15th! To celebrate a decade of existence, the team decided to create t-shirt designs inspired by the aesthetics of the last five decades. I had so much fun designing these!

Here we have the groovy, rainbow 70s:

The geometric, colorful 80s:

The grunge rock 90s:

The shiny, bubbly 2000s:

And the pop punk/vaporwave 2010s:

In addition to these, we created a more basic "10 years of Rehumanize International" shirt design with our 2021 logo! I got mine printed on a cozy pink sweatshirt.

Here's hoping the next decade leads us into a future where every human being is respected, valued, and protected!


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