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The Sanctuary Guild logo

The Sanctuary Guild is a Catholic company that crafts church vestments, priestly vestures, and more. In their words, "We are passionate about restoring to God's glory the best of His creation in the materials we use to adorn His sanctuaries within the Roman Catholic Church, and clothe His sacred ministers. Our seamstress is an expert in her field and takes great pride in assessing your requirements on an individual basis, whatever your needs may be. We take our time to listen to exactly what it is you desire and we offer a free consultation should you ever wish to discuss plans for new vestments, vesture, Mass linens or liturgical textile adornments for your church."

When their founder and seamstress Deirdre reached out to me to create a logo, I was thrilled. Her work is remarkable. In creating the logo, she requested that I work with reds and golds and include an illustration of a primitive-style sanctuary lamp. We settled on a design that bridges modern and traditional styles and evokes the fire of the Holy Spirit with its regal hues:


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