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"Raytheon Kills Children" Tote Bag

This was an interesting one. I was contacted by Destiny Herndon de la Rosa, president and founder of New Wave Feminists, to create "a tote bag that says 'Raytheon Kills Children,' but like in twirly cursive with flowers and roses and sh*t."


That's exactly what I did.

For those who don't know, Raytheon is a key player in the U.S. military industrial complex. They're a corporation that produces drones, bombs and other weapons used to kill human beings in war. Too often, those killed are not combatants, but civilians, and even children: according to research commissioned by Save the Children, 420 million children worldwide — nearly 1 in 5 — live in an area affected by armed conflict and war. Every day in 2019, an average of 300 children lost their lives due to the effects of war.

To learn more, go to I'll update this post once there's a link to purchase this bag.

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